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How to Maximize Your Returns While Minimizing Your Risk

Spring 2023, Vol 39

Bullish investors have long lived by the well-known axiom of “Don’t fight the Fed”, but they are now positioned in complacent opposition of existing Fed policy and a deteriorating economic backdrop. The first three months of 2023 reflect a standoff between galvanizing stock market sentiment and increasing stresses on the US economy.

The Great Transition Comic Image

Winter 2023, Vol 38

The capital markets were anything but ordinary in 2022. Inflation soared, interest rates spiked, energy saw huge price swings, stocks experienced a bear market and bonds endured their worst year since the American Civil War.

Summer 2022, Vol 37

There is no scarcity of reasons for markets to be concerned about the investment backdrop. Inflation has risen at its fastest pace in four decades.

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