Founded in 1987, Spectrum Asset Management is a fee only independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Based in Newport Beach, CA with a satellite office in Maui, the firm directly manages client accounts held in custody by independent custodians, such as Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade & Comerica.

Spectrum is a second-generation family business that places tremendous value on honesty and candor. Our stimulus to act in our clients' best interest is driven by a moral compass woven into the fabric of our team. We offer leading edge investment counseling. Clients are “delegators” who view us as a “trusted advisor”. Our services include: Vision, Values & Goals clarification, Total Balance Sheet financial planning, investment consulting, portfolio management, and support on estate planning issues. Spectrum’s clients are primarily individuals and institutions with liquid assets of $1 million to $30 million.


PEOPLE CREATE WEALTH.   However, traditional planning drills down into the numbers without taking the HUMAN COMPONENT into consideration.

We think DIFFERENTLY by assisting you to align your Vision, Values and Goals with your TOTAL BALANCE SHEET


TOTAL BALANCE SHEET & VALUES FILTER (Effective Wealth Management)

What is DISCERNMENT-BASED PLANNING?  At Spectrum, we apply a different philosophy and methodology to planning. To discern means to achieve your own epiphanies. Discernment planning is based on the premise that self-made people possess the wisdom and decision making patterns to make a wise choice in any realm. They simply need to be stimulated with enough of the right questions to achieve their own true North in decision-making.

Our process begins with documenting your value system. Far from an ethereal conversation, we record the decision-making patterns and core character traits that have caused you to be more successful than the next guy. These values become a clear foundation for equivalent success in future choices.


We created THE VALUES FILTER based on the philosophy that goals and objectives are guaranteed to change during our lifetimes. But a person's fundamental value system rarely changes.  Our process assists individuals in articulating their core value system. This becomes a filter through which we view all recommendations. Unlike traditional planning, The Values Filter is timeless and universal. It becomes a sounding board against which all future challenges and opportunities can be assessed.